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A  good instructor is really the best resource. Even though most beginning classes will cover all the basics you will still have a lot of questions as you go along. A helpful person at your local stained glass store is another great resource. There will inevitably be things that go wrong and things that are just plain confusing. It is wonderful to be able to talk to someone about it and ask face to face questions. The internet is a great resource as we all know and I have found many sites that have answered a lot of questions. I looked at this site a lot. It was one of the first sites I found that had a lot of information for a beginner.


One of my first emergencies was a broken piece of glass in the middle of a just completed window. I found it after the window already had patina and been polished. I was holding it up and admiring my work. I held it up to the light and there it was staring at me saying ,”so what are you gonna do now”. It must of happened during soldering. After I was done staring at it in shocked silence, I went off to the internet and found a few helpful sites. I had purchased a book when I started the class and it had a few pages on how to fix a window. Next, I  went to my favorite store and asked for advice and they confirmed what I had found on the internet. It was a copper foil panel and I think that was lucky. So far, I have been lucky with leaded panels. Once the glass is cemented in I am not sure I would be able to fix it without taking it in and having someone show me how to get it out without hurting the glass around it. This was a few years ago before the advent of helpful blogs. Now there quite a few more sites out there that can help you with information on how to fix glass and YouTube videos that are very helpful.


Forums are another place to go and find  information and get help. I submitted a question there about hanging a particularly large panel and the community answered and I was able to come up with a plan I could use. I had to ask after a large panel I had made fell. A lot of pieces were broken and I didn’t have the heart to try and fix it. I just rebuilt it.


I really liked the color of the bamboo in the first one. I couldn’t find enough of the same color for a second window.


You may find sites that have supplies for sale will also have tutorials as well. I found the  website – Art of Stained Glass  has a lot of tutorials. I look at a lot of different sites for information but in the end I found having someone to talk to is really my best resource.


Lastly, you can always pay to have someone fix it for you but I have a feeling if you have come this far you will want to do-it yourself !


Feel free to let me know about any good site you may have found. I would love to share the information.


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