A Hopeful Start

Where has the time gone. The holiday season and Christmas travels have come and gone. They are now just a distant happy memory. I have been busy trying new things – making body butters, photo memory books for birthdays, trying new ways of eating to be as healthy as I can be and of course playing video games – I need to take a some time to write about all the fun I have been having but there is something I need to get to first..

It is already late spring and I should be out in the yard thinking about my garden but am I ready for that yet ? Over the years my garden has gotten smaller and smaller. I love the fresh produce but working in the yard, in the humidity and heat no longer seems worth the effort.

Over the past several years I have tried a butterfly garden, which is lovingly referred to as my own personal weed patch by friends. My dogs seem to enjoy it more than the butterflies do. They wander through it looking for god-knows-what and I can only hope if they find god-knows-what , they leave it outside. I have had a small vegetable garden with peppers and tomatoes that I have downsized to a very small spot in my yard.

 Last years sad attempt..

last years neglected garden

last years neglected garden

If you look really close there are a few tomatoes in there.. but it’s just sad.

My butterfly weed patch is enjoyed by small children and my dog.

first butterfly garden

This was my first attempt at a butterfly garden

This was my garden back in the day. I was so proud of it.

garden 10 years ago

It was so pretty and well tended.

I am reluctant to give it up. I still feel like I should have a few plants back there but I haven’t really taken care of it for the past few years. It gets overgrown and I get overwhelmed. I think I would rather spend my time in the air conditioned house trying to keep up with all I have to do in here. But I am not ready to throw in the towel – this year.

An auspicious start..


a small patch of tomatoes

butterfly garden 2015 a new start

butterfly garden 2015 a new start

After this year, it may just be time to support my local farmers market and let it go, just not this year.


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