A New Laptop

For several years, I have been thinking about getting a laptop to travel with. I finally took the plunge. Following my normal routine, I did a lot of looking on this and that website, I went to the Apple store and Best Buy( a few times ), I picked them up to check weight and tried my best to get a sense of which laptop would suit my needs and my budget.

I wanted something that has or is :

  • lightweight

  • relatively fast ( I am not the most patient person)

  • good screen with good resolution

  • best storage I could afford

  • back lit keyboard

  • decent processor

I looked at reviews on CNET, Tech radar, PC mag , and Digital Trends, just as examples. I am sure there were a few more.

There were a few laptops that I saw repeatedly recommended:

  • Dell XPS 13
  • Microsoft Surface book
  • Apple MacBook pro with retina display
  • Razer Blade Stealth
  • ASUS Zen Book
  • Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga

PC magazine had a nice chart where I could look at the laptops and compare their tech specs.

At first, I was leaning toward a MacBook pro. I have a few apple devices and would of liked to have added a laptop to the collection. I had one of their first desktops that came out in the 80’s . I learned about computers on that little tiny computer and I really liked it. When it got too old and slow, I switched to a windows based computer.

I like Apple products and they have proven to be reliable and relatively easy to use. They are innovative and really pretty. I do like a nice looking gadget. That being said, I do have a few issues with Apple. It might be that I am not tech savvy enough to work around the things that bother me but I can only work with the knowledge I have. I feel they are overpriced, all the bits and pieces you need to make them work smoothly are expensive, you need special tools to work on them, they don’t all come with USB ports and card readers. Even with all those concerns, I would have bought a MacBook Pro- if it was affordable.

Pros: beautiful display, ease of use, nice looking product, back lit full size keyboard

Cons: heavier them some of the others, high cost, no touch screen


I like the Microsoft Surface Book, this is another really beautiful product. It can be used as a tablet or a laptop. It has beautiful graphics and can be expanded to have a Terabyte of memory. It has a lot going for it but the cost was prohibitive, if I got it with everything I wanted.

Pros: beautiful display, ease of use, nice looking product, back lit full size keyboard, touch screen, very versatile

Cons: heavier them some of the others, cost


I also considered a Microsoft Surface 4 and an Ipad Pro but if I wanted a keyboard and a stylus, the cost was the same as a laptop. In the end I got a laptop instead of another tablet type of device. I already have an Ipad and I use it daily but it is not convenient to type on.

I finally ended up buying the Lenovo Yoga 900. It is lighter than the other two and more affordable and comes with:

  • up to 512 gb of memory
  • 6th generation Intel core i7 processor -which is extra when buying a MacBook or Surface book not necessary but very nice
  • 2 USB 3 ports
  • 1 USB C with video out
  • 4 in one card reader
  • audio jack
  • touch screen

It has proven to be a great Laptop. I think the graphics are beautiful and crisp, making movie watching really nice when I travel. It is running windows 10 which is new to me but has not proven too difficult to use ( I am not a fan of forced upgrades in general but windows 10 is not too bad ). I like the keyboard, the keys are rounded on the bottom making it easy to hit the right key ( for this fumble fingered typist) and I love being able to type in low light. The touchscreen is a nice feature – I can delete an email with a swipe to the left or use it to scroll up and down. Fold it in half and it is a tablet, I like that better then the removable keyboard because it stays all together.  It is a comfortable weight and size for travel, which is its primary function after all. For you fans of unboxing, it comes in a very cool box.

In the end, it was about 400 cheaper with all these bells and whistles, that is a lot of money on my budget. I could of gotten a cheaper laptop but I wanted one that would last me awhile before I needed to upgrade.

All tech products seemed to be designed for obsolescence and environmentally I do take issue with that, some companies are gluing pieces in making it harder to repair or upgrade them. I try to break down my tech products to recycle and reuse the parts that I can, but there is still a lot of waste. I would love a company to come out with a product that we can upgrade or reuse for a longer period of time to help with the tech waste that is becoming a large scale, global problem. There is always something faster and better. I know I want the new, shiny, pretty things that come out but would be just as willing to pay for upgrades to prevent some of this waste.

Nothing will replace my desktop, for ease of use, speed, large screen, great graphics and it is upgradeable. I built it myself, I know what’s in there and hope to be able to upgrade it as needed in the future and repair it for years to come. For gaming and home surfing, a desktop works out best for me.

Now that I have a laptop, who knows maybe I can write the next great novel or at least update my blog more often. I see myself at a bistro sipping a coffee and writing. I know a writer writes even if it is on a napkin but I do like to paint nice pictures in my head of me fulfilling my dreams. We all know making our dreams come true is a lot of work but they are worth it. As soon as a I find the right lightweight bag to carry it in, I am off to get a coffee and join the rest of my fellow nerds that enjoy writing at the local coffee shop. I have already taken it on one long trip but would like an around town laptop bag to use as well as my giant travel one that holds everything I need for comfortable travel.

Now to find a screen protector.

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    1. joann Post author

      Someday Deb, someday. I can’t wait for your children’s book too ! We can share ideas. I just need to sit down and do it. I was reading blogs from other writers and they all say sit down and write – butt in chair hands on keyboard.

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