And so it begins ….

Hello everyone ! My name is JoAnn.

Welcome to my Blog about leisure activities :

As I write about my leisure activities, I will describe the successes that I have experienced and share any cautionary tales that I may have.  I am not an expert at anything but I have found that learning new things brings me great joy, that is my passion. Whatever helpful tips I have found along the way, I will gladly share. While its true not all my leisure activities have kept my attention over the years, the ones that kept me coming back for more are just plain wonderful and think of all the fun I am having trying out all these different things. I hope to encourage people to take the first step, just try something new, have some fun. So for all of you who are thinking about trying something new or creative or think to yourself that sounds interesting. I encourage you to just do it and let me know how it goes. I would love to hear your story. You can do it too !

A little background :

I am a 50 something boomer and I have been working in healthcare for the last 30 years. I enjoy helping and caring for people. There are days in healthcare that are amazing, filled with joy and success and there are days that are filled with sorrow. There are days when I get to tell someone I can help them and days when  I have to say I can’t. It can be a roller coaster. I have used all my hobbies and activities as a way to bring myself home at night. These are activities that allow me to be present in the moment and let me clear my thoughts from the day by focusing on something that if it breaks is fixable and not life threatening. I have found that being creative makes you present, peaceful, and helps drives out the noise of the day. Leisure activities are an important part of a full and healthy life and that’s no small thing.

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