Blessing Bracelet

 I saw these bracelets online and I thought they were very pretty so I said to myself ..” I think I can do that”. So I went to Beadaholique and bought some sterling silver tube beads 40mm by 2mm and some 3mm sterling silver beads. I couldn’t find any instructions on how long the silver tube beads should be so I guessed. I think in retrospect they should be shorter. I think if I make more I will get the 25 mm by 2mm beads. I was able to get the silver beads for under 20 dollars. I had the large colored beads from another project. The Blessing Bracelets I found online were beautiful and about 30 dollars. If you like these, I recommend looking at their site. They have a large selection and different sizes.

I looked at two videos on how to tie a stretch cord bracelet

  • one video used square knots ( do you remember that knot from girl scouts )
  • this video used a surgeon knots and showed how to hide the knot

As usual, my end product was not quite the same. But its pretty and has three beads. I made two of them, I always make one to give away when I make something like this. It seems to be the right thing to do.

blessing bracelet

There are other kinds of blessing bracelets. A Benedectine Bracelet  –  its a macramé style  bracelet that you can make with hemp cord. I will write about these kinds of bracelets in another post. There are also a lot of different people making them on Etsy . I liked this Blessing Bracelet that used a lot of different media and its very inexpensive. Cool my bracelets has a lot of fun ones. I think these are a great example of a mixed media type of bracelet. This would cost me more to make than to buy off of Etsy. Although, that has never stopped me before.

You really can make any bracelet or any piece of jewelry with the intention to remind yourself to count your blessings. When I am making something, I try to think about its purpose and what I am hoping to convey, especially if its a gift. I believe that is the best part of making something as a gift. I get to give not only a gift but all the good wishes I have for them.

I really loved the message behind these bracelets: the stated intention of these bracelets was to spread gratitude around the world. I think being grateful is a really important part of living a happy life. I can’t always remember that on my bad days so a gentle reminder is a nice thing.

An update:

I found some 30 mm by 2 mm tube beads and some different gemstones. I made these as gifts for some friends. They saw them and liked them, so I was able to share these bracelets. I made one with amethyst , one with amazonite and one with garnets. They are a lot of fun to make and so fast.  I really enjoy making simple things that make people smile

blessing bracelet update


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