Holiday Recipe Sites with SCD legal treats

I am going to post a list of sites that have some SCD ( Specific Carbohydrate Diet ) recipes for the holidays. For people who are on this diet, the holidays can be hard. Everyone is enjoying christmas treats and sweets and its hard for someone on such a restrictive diet to find something that satisfies their cravings and makes them feel like they are getting something celebratory in their diet. After all, we all love to celebrate with food and drink. Most of us have really fond memories of all the treats that are families made during the holidays. There were things we only got at the holidays. If you can no longer have any of those things, it can be depressing and it puts a damper on the holidays. It can be a stressful time at the holidays and feeling deprived doesn’t help. It can be isolating too, while everyone else is enjoying a mulitude of differnt holiday treats, your fruit salad can pale in comparison. I am hoping this list of sites can help and provide people with some alternatives and make the holidays just a little more festive.

  • No more cohns for me ! : Most of the links worked but some led to a page that was selling a cookbook. They look like nice recipes so it might be worth purchasing, but I have not seen the book personally.

  • Ms. Ed’s Research and Recipes : This blogger has put together a list of some recipes this one for candied pecans looks really tastey. Most of the links worked but I did notice a couple of the links were no longer working and that can happen over time.

  • Digestive Wellness :  This is a page of recipes and there is a recipe for toffee that looks like it might be tastey.

  • Comfy Belly :  This is a cracker recipe that might be nice to have for winter soups. The Comfy Belly is a wonderful resource for recipes in general.

  • Against all Grain: This is another site that I use to find recipes. This is where I founf the recipe for almond flour zucchini bread.

  • SCDdiet4Kids: This site has a lot of fun recipes. These Moms are working hard to create diets for their kids that are fun and healthy. I have a lot of admiration for them. They have developed some tasty treats.

I just wanted to share some of the sites I have found that have some great recipes for those of you that are on a very restricted diet. I think the one thing that is missing is a recipe that makes a light fluffy cake. Any ideas ? I have tried coconut flour and I am not a big fan of the taste which is too bad it is a little lighter than almond meal.

Wishing everyone a very Merry christmas and Happy Holidays ! Talk to you all after the holidays.

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