iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus

 I am an iPhone user. That sounds a bit like a confession doesn’t it. It is sort of. It means I have been part of the frenzy of the past week. It means I have a perfectly good iPhone 5 that just had a new battery put in, for free. It is just like new. I keep it in perfect condition safe in its Otterbox cocoon. I never allow myself to hold my beautiful iPhone in my clumsy hands.

At first, I tried to resist. I told myself I don’t need a new-improved iPhone, to be honest, I really don’t enjoy talking on the phone all that much. But I love having a new gadget to while away the hours looking online at social media sites, videos of puppies and cats, playing addictive little video game apps ( I have already talked about my love of video games ), texting and I do use it for work (Notice where that fell on the list).

I have been frustrated with apple more than once in the past few years, no support for Flash  and there are reasons for it, I guess. I didn’t like the changes that came with the iOS 7 update  – to my email and beloved notepad in particular. As I am very stubborn, I did not update my iphone 5 to iOS 7 until I had to, which was about 3 weeks ago right about the time iOS 8 came out.

So as a good geek will do, I started looking into the Samsung galaxy. I read as many reviews and comparisons as I could find. I particularly liked this comparison that compared the durability of the different phones. I spoke to friends that have a Samsung galaxy and they love it. They all, without fail, said I should switch and take the leap into the wonderful world of the galaxy. I asked my phone carrier and the cost is the same for either phone (for my plan).

I like the screen resolution of the Samsung galaxy, a lot. It is beautiful. I was envious at the last concert I attended where as you all know people watch live concerts through their phone ( I do not understand that but I am not of that age) and I could see the clarity of the droid type phones was superior to the iPhone 5. The new iPhone 6 does not feature the same screen resolution as the Samsung galaxy but the iPhone 6 plus does. This is a conundrum.

I asked people with iPhones are you going to upgrade and only one so far has said they would and has. Quite a few iPhone users said they are considering a switch to the droid type of phone. They like it better. I can’t get a specific reason why except dissatisfaction with the iPhone over the last few years. They felt it wasn’t as current as Samsung and that the iPhone did not have all the upgrades in hardware and screen resolution that the Samsung did. They are not wrong.

Do I need a giant phone ? No, of course not, who neeeds a brand new giant phablet phone ? As one of my good friends said do you want a pop-tart or a a mini-iPad for a phone ? She has the galaxy but felt I would be better off with the pop-tart size phone. I looked at the specs for the iPhone 6 and 6 plus and the Samsung galaxy.

I think in the end inertia won out. I didn’t want to change all my apps, music and videos to fit another OS. One of my younger co-workers called me old school. I think she was questioning my ability to keep up with new technology. Maybe, but I don’t think so. I am relatively current but I am techno-lazy. I really don’t have a lot of free time in my days and would really like to spend my time doing other things rather than converting over to a different phone. I know it will take more time than I am willing to invest to get new phone up and running will all the apps I love. There is always a learning curve with anything new.

Either one would be a nice upgrade but I can’t have both. I had a chance to look at the new iPhone 6 that a friend got and they are nice and very thin. I used it to take some pictures that displayed well on the phone but when transferred to Facebook were not as pretty. It looked like they had been taken through a screen even when I displayed them on my iPhone 5. I took a look at both of the different iPhones specs and I really want a screen with great resolution and a camera that works as well as a good digital camera. So, I made my choice..

I couldn’t resist the call of a new gadget. So phablet here I come !

 I will post a review when I get my new iPhone 6 plus at the end of October.

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