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My brand new iPhone 6 plus arrived in its perfect white box. Apple is a master of beautiful packaging. Great packaging is an art form, just like professional wrappers who can wrap the perfect Christmas gift are artists,  Apple has mastered product presentation. Personally, I hate opening beautiful gifts. I save them til last just so I can enjoy the package. Apple products are like that, I hesitate just a second before opening it to admire the pristine white box with the understated, elegant silver logo on the side. The packaging shows an attention to detail that instills a kind of confidence in the product. If the box is that nice, the product will most likely be well designed as well.

As with all the previous iPhones , this one is stylish right out of the box. It comes encased in a clear plastic film that I hate to remove. I don’t want to touch it and get my fingerprints on the immaculately clean surface of my brand new phone. Even though, I know it will be dirty and smudged soon enough. In fact, I made sure I went to Best Buy and picked up a screen protector and put it on before I ever touched the screen.

The phone sits on its own molded tray. Beneath the tray is a packet with a picture of the iPhone 6 plus that shows what each button is called and what it is used for, this seems unnecessary but it is a nice touch. I believe most of us have seen or used one of these devices before. Although, there is a change in the location of the sleep/wake button from the top to the side to make it easier to reach on these larger phones. I think that is a nice touch. There is also a small print page of iPhone info and the two Apple stickers that have come with all my previous iPhones are also included.

There is a nice little tab on the packet that bends up and through the tray to allow you to lift the tray and the packet out the way. Once again an nice touch with good attention to detail. It can be hard to lift things like that out the box without that little tab. I have been known to struggle trying to catch the edge with my short fingernails trying to lift tight fitting things out of different packages, only to finally give up and have to go get a knife so I can get something out of a box.

Beneath the tray and the packet, you will find the charger, USB cable and earphone/ microphone. All the pieces neatly tucked into their assigned spots. There are no surprises but I am happy to see all the pieces are included. There are some products that don’t come with the AC power adapter plug, they just have the USB cable and that is not as convenient for me when I travel.


I was vacillating between the gold and silver and finally opted for the silver back. I always liked the white front over the black front, it makes it easier to find when I leave it lying around – a bad habit of mine. The gold back looked really nice but finally I decided the white and silver  combination was more aesthetically pleasing to me.

The screen is large but honestly not uncomfortably so. The most difficult part is finding a place to carry it, a small purse or a pocket doesn’t work. I have never been able to casually slide a phone into my back pocket. I can imagine the horror I would feel as I hear a loud snap when I sit down with my precious Iphone in my back pocket. How do you explain that ? Oh, I just sat down on it and poof it snapped, isn’t that weird ? I am sure the nice people at the Apple genius bar would politely take the phone ( go to the back room and laugh hysterically ) and then fix it. I really don’t want to go there with that problem.

I think the photos are beautiful. There is more detail and it is a noticeably crisper and sharper image. I like to use my own pictures for the lock and home screen and I am able to use images from my big 14 megapixel camera and they look great. In a previous post ,  I talked about the camera and  the improved resolution of the iPhone 6 plus screen as the biggest reasons I chose this phone and it did not disappoint.

IOS 8.02 is easy enough to use there are a few nice features. The features I particularly enjoy are:

  • I like the keyboard that helps me find the appropriate words. I can type faster with it– I know the galaxy had this first,
  • the new camera features- who wouldn’t love time lapse, slo-mo and panoramic pictures.
  • new third party keyboards- I am really hoping to get a <del> key it would make typing so much easier
  • phone calls over wifi – I really like this, so when I am laying on the couch using my iPad and I am too lazy to get up and get my phone I can make a call right from my iPad. Although, it makes it harder to find my phone by calling it, as my iPad rings now too.
  • Which App is using up my battery? I know I ask myself this all the time. Okay not really but it is a nice feature.

Fingerprint access for improved security works well most of the time and I like that you can store multiple fingerprints. I have to be careful to use my pass code every so often so I don’t forget it.

Apple pay just started today. I know I will not be one of the first to use this feature. With all the hacks into store computers, I really don’t want to add another point of access to my back account right now. This is not Apples fault but it makes me more cautious.



I used my Olympus stylus 7040 14 megapixel camera and my iPhone 6 plus camera and took some similar pictures to compare side by side. The ones on the left are the Iphone pictures and the ones on the right I took with my Olympus. I have a bigger Sony that takes amazing pictures but I thought the smaller camera would be a more accurate comparison. I actually think the colors are richer with the iPhone 6 plus.



 third party keyboard options  cost
 size     size (depends on you)
 camera  screen orientation ( can lock up)
 battery life  (although I don’t see a huge difference)   no OtterBox yet


This is what I have found out in the two weeks I have had the iPhone 6 plus.

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