Leisure time activities are essential

We all spend so much time working, so much time doing the things we have to do to survive that the time we get to spend doing what we choose to do instead of what we have to do is what brings light and joy into our lives and it is essential. For me when I find something that fills my mind and consumes my thoughts, it helps to stop the constant chatter of life. I can’t focus on worries and what comes next, I have to focus on what I am doing at that moment, that is very powerful and peaceful. It is a way of letting go and just being in the moment. Time slips away and before you know it you have created something to share or use or just enjoy.

I can learn a lot about myself as I am trying to make something or learn something new. I can see where I need to be more patient , or innovative, or how to make something of a mistake. I learn how to use things in different and unexpected ways. I can see things from a different perspective. I think about color and light instead of only outcome. I think about the next step in smaller increments. I think about patterns and how they fit together, I think of pieces and how they fit into the whole.

For a small part of the day, I don’t have to think about deadlines and productivity or meeting someone else’s expectations. I get to make the rules and set the time lines. I don’t have to answer to anyone else. In essence, I get to live in the world of my creation for a little while.

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