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Has anyone else been watching the TV showTiny House Nation ? I am really enjoying it. It is making me re-evaluate all the things I have accumulated over the years. I think downsizing could be liberating. I am sitting here imagining all the things I could get rid of and imagining that cleaning the house will be so much easier. A life less complicated has a certain appeal.

As I think about downsizing, it is followed by the inevitable thoughts of – what do I get rid of ? Now, that is an anxiety producing thought. I can be quite sentimental and I can remember where I got a lot of these things and who gave them to me. Doesn’t it always happen when you throw something out you find you need it a week later. Maybe, I need to have a little ceremony like the torch burning on Survivor, where they memorialize all the people that have been voted off the island. I can vote off my waffle iron, some old books and clothes and memorialize them as I drive them to the donation bin singing a song about recycling.

As you can all see from my previous posts, I love to make things. I have a closet full of crafting material and a shed full of stained glass materials. I will need two tiny houses. One for my crafting and one for me to live in and oh maybe a third for my kitchen items, I love to cook. Does this defeat the whole purpose of a life less complicated ?

I envision a compound of tiny houses on a few acres of land maybe in the California redwoods. A quiet place with a few tiny houses for family and friends. The trees can give us some privacy and the space will give us the distance we will need to peacefully co-exist. As my mom is aging , I would like to give her a place close to me where I can help her if needed but still give us our own space. We both love our pets so the large yard will give them a place to play. It sounds so idyllic.

The reality I am sure will be much more complicated. There would be land to find and buy and houses to plan and then build. I would have to give away 90% of what I have collected over the years. I would have to move myself and my mom into our new little tiny house compound then fence the land to keep the dogs in and the critters out. I have dreams and no way to finance them, at this time, so I guess its really not complicated at all.

Of course, there are blogs on tiny house living. There are people all over the world that are embracing the tiny house lifestyle. There are families living the tiny house dream . There are tiny houses in trees, houses that float and houses that roll down the road. It is a world full of opportunities and adventures.

As I look at all the different floor-plans, I wonder how do you make a bed in a corner everyday ? I can’t picture me climbing around on the bed and trying to tuck in sheets and blankets and I can’t see my mom doing that either. The beds all seem to be jammed into a corner and surrounded on all three sides. I will need to find a blog with practical tips on how to live in a small space and do those kinds of simple things.

I also see a lot of them with composting toilets. Ummmm… no I want to flush my business away and never think about it again. This might be selfish but really I don’t want to deal with it on a regular basis. I have lived in a house with a septic system for almost the last 20 years and that is okay with me. I can call someone and they come and empty it for me. Its simple and as much as I want to think about that essential part of my life.

I have also noticed a lack of laundry facilities. So is that another tiny house I will add to the property like a communal laundry room. I can’t see my aging mother with a washboard and washtub taking care of her laundry. Now, I am up to five tiny houses. One for me, one for my mom, one for my crafting like a recreation hall, one for laundry, and one for guests cause I love my friends but they need to sleep in their own beds. Its getting more elaborate by the minute. Its starting to sound more like a a big house that I separated into pieces.

I admire all the people that have downsized to a tiny house and I am really intrigued. I think I need to consider getting rid of a lot of things to make my life less cluttered. Its a good place to start.

This is an interesting article I was lucky enough to have someone send me the link to and I thought it might be of interest to all of you – Scaling Down: One Couple Builds a Tiny House.

As I look at my waffle iron in the donation box I just know.. tomorrow, I will want waffles. I may not be ready yet.

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