List of Supplies


Here comes the expensive part :

The inital list of tools and supplies as I remember it was :

1. glass cutter (my cutter required oil)

2. plain 2′ x 2′ ceiling tile (tape the edges so its more stable when you are carrying it) I used this for patterns and placing my glass for soldering

3. pattern paper,

4. carbon paper (for copying patterns),

5. pattern scissors (for foil or lead depending on what you are starting out learning),

6. combination pliers for breaking and grozing,

7. lead nippers if you are making a lead project

8. I like running pliers too, they make breaking glass easier

9. soldering iron and maybe a thermostat control depending on the iron you choose and a stand,

10. safety glasses,

11. grinder – some classes may let you come in on your off days to use their grinder but I want to work at home so I bought one.

12. band aids (just in case)

13. tacks

14. metal brackets to hold glass pieces

15. waffle board cutting surface to cut glass

Those are the basic tools to get started. If I missed anything, please let me know and I can add it to the list.

Now comes the things you will need to replenish on a regular basis. Once you have picked your first project you will need to pick up:

1. glass,

2. a pattern,

3. foil or lead, solder,

4. flux,

5. marking pen for glass,

6. a flux brush,

7.  zinc edging – if you are using it for that piece,

8. glass cleaner to remove the flux,

9. patina if you want to use this on your solder ,

10. glass polish,

11. hangers

12. chain


Other teachers may have a different way of doing things and therefore a different list, but some of these things are universally used. There are a variety of each kind of tool on the market and your instructor and help you pick the best one for you and hopefully in class you can try out different types of cutters and soldering irons that might suit you better.

Places I found to buy tools and supplies Delphi is one of the biggest and has a wide variety of products . An alternate site, nickates , glasscrafters  or try amazon the purveyor of all things ( Amazon kinda reminds me of the old fashioned stores in the past that carried a little bit of everything like Woolworth, I loved going in there just to find something you never thought you needed but decided you had to have).. the take away is if you don’t find it on one site keep looking. I have had to do that to find different bevels, specific jewels or patterns. You might find a better deal on foil or solder or bevels and that is really helpful with a hobby that tends to be costly.

Here are some pictures of the supplies you will need:



Let me know if there is anything I missed

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