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Glass Eye 2000  is the software I have been using for years to create my designs for windows. It is a great tool to have. It allows me to do a large number of things.

I was never someone who felt I could draw, at least not without a jumbo sized eraser which would eventually chew a hole in the paper. Glass Eye 2000 allows me to draw and move things as much as I want.

With Glass Eye 2000, I can resize, move the lines, create curves , circles and make sure corners are at right angles. I can make a window that will fit really well into an existing widow even if it’s an odd shape if I am given exact measurements. There are rulers and grids and depending on which edition you choose there will be other features available to you, for example with the more expensive edition you can number the pieces and there is a larger glass library available. On the less expensive edition you can estimate glass, foil usage, count pieces and most importantly all the drawing features are available. I can zoom in and work on smaller areas to get more detail and zoom out to get a better view of the project. When I print it out – unless you have a special printer, I have to print it out and cut the edges to line it up and get the larger pattern, but the pages are numbered and it is not hard to do.

With all these wonderful features when I get an idea and there is not a pattern that is exactly what I want, I can make what I need. The patterns that are available might be the wrong size or the wrong shape or it might not have all the elements I envision. For example there was a Christmas window I wanted to make , there was a patten for a church in the snow and a pattern for a Christmas star. I wanted both of these elements in one window. I was able to use the pattern as a guide and draw the church then add in the star using the other pattern as a guide. I am able to draw what I want and add all the elements I can imagine with Glass Eye 2000. There are times I want to make a gift for someone and I know what they really like but there are no patterns available. This software allows me to draw what they ask for and make corrections easily til I get exactly what I want.

This software as the added benefit of adding in colors and glass textures so you can really see what the end product will look like. I can change the colors and can see if I want a night sky or a sunset or a bright blue sky. I can see what each one will look like before I buy the glass. This is especially nice for me because I don’t have a light table.

I have no background in art or drafting and Glass Eye 2000 was easy enough that I could learn to use it without a lot of hair pulling and frustration. There are tutorials on their site that can guide you through the learning process, but in all fairness I learn by trial and error (mostly error at times), so I did not use the tutorials but they are there. This is a big help to be able to get detailed instruction on the use of a product.

Another added benefit, for me personally, is that I build a new computer at least every few years and Dragonfly software allows me to transfer the license from one computer to another. One caveat I have is make sure you store your designs in a file you can transfer from computer to computer. I lost one of my favorite designs when I stored it somewhere that did not transfer. I am not smart enough to figure out where it was. It might have been inside the application itself and did not transfer over. When I contacted the company, they were not able to help me. I was very sad. I have a hard copy of the pattern that is a consolation. The bad part is I can’t easily make modifications to the pattern.

Here is a gallery of some of what I was able to create. Some of these were ideas I got from looking at pictures of other windows and recreating them with this software and some were ideas I got from other pictures and I made them suitable for a stained glass window knowing the rules of how glass will break and how it won’t. Finally, some came from ideas I had and just wanted to see what I could do.

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