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It is so exciting beginning a new hobby. I think of all the things I will learn and be able to do. All the planning and dreaming about the beautiful things I will create. The class I signed up for was 6 weeks long and was offered once a week on Saturdays. That was a great day for me. Some hobbies are safe to learn on your own but this hobby in particular is better learned with an instructor, someone that can guide you through all you need to know – especially safety. This hobby has a small danger factor. I have been cut a lot and burned and ground off some finger nails, but if you ask anyone who knows me I am not very graceful.

I took the class at the shop where I would purchase all my supplies, it was very convenient way to get started. I loved looking at all the beautiful glass and windows. I felt so inspired. I was given a list of tools. The owners of the shop were very knowledgeable and helpful. They helped me pick out exactly what I would need and to their credit discouraged an overly enthusiastic beginner from buying more than I needed at the time . Picking the right instructor for any new endeavor is really important . They were able to tell me what the cost would be for the tools and the class before I signed up. I did end up spending a lot more than I originally planned for. It is the nature of the game for me. Some people are good at just getting the bare necessities but not me. I wanted everything I thought I would ever need and that turned out to be okay for me as I stuck with this hobby and have been able to use most of what I bought over the years.

Although, I do warn you to resist the urge to buy all the beautiful glass you see. I found out from the shop owner that some glass is comes in a limited supply. They only make some and then its discontinued. I think its best to buy the glass as needed for each project. I learned this the hard way. I have a lot of pieces of glass that are looking for a home in a beautiful panel but I don’t have quite enough of it. The one exception for me personally is clear glass. I use a lot of it. I particularly like artique glass ( I have seen it called cathedral glass as well) and I frequently use glue chip glass. Although, I use all kinds of clear glass regularly.

second panel in process

My second panel, a work in progress

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