Small Rvs and Traveling Light

Lately, I have been thinking about getting a small RV. I can’t afford one yet but I am getting the travel bug (itchy feet as my mom always called it). It must be that time of year or life. I really don’t want a large one because I am sure I would not be able to park anything that’s too big, so I started doing some research.


I found there are several classes of RVs . I think the class B RV is the one for me. I have driven across country and often admired those enormous whale-like RV’s that cruise our highways, they look so comfy and homey. They have bicycles strapped to their sides and kayaks on the roof and tow smaller cars or ATVs. They are ready for any adventure that comes their way. I want to follow them and see where they are going. I dream about driving on down the highway singing a song about highways, or route 66 or being on the road again, but then I think, I would never be able to stop because I would too afraid to try and park it. So the dream downsized to a smaller RV.


In the past, I saw smaller RVs being towed as trailers or on the bed of trucks looking like turtles, but they never appealed to me. I have noticed in the past couple of years a smaller class of RVs that are more like giant vans, now that I think I could handle. There are a lot of manufacturers making these class B RVs.


I am going to a dealer soon and see what they look like on the inside. They may prove to be too small to really be comfortable. I have to go see for myself. I have found several Blogs dedicated to traveling in a small RVs, or vans. I have just started this odyssey and I will be reading these blogs and RV forums for ideas and to see if it really is something I could do. There is a YouTube video that chronicles 12 years of travel in a small RV, these are the kind of things I want to see and be a part of while I still can.


One of my bucket list trips is to drive the Alaska highway and go far enough to see the northern lights but I will have to get out of Alaska before the heavy winter snow comes. I really don’t fancy the idea of being stuck in Alaska during the long winter night in a RV. There are a lot of places left in the continental united states that I have left to see. I am going to start making my list now.


There are those among us that travel even lighter . This blog follows the travels of someone camping and living part time in a Prius. I started thinking about traveling really light in a hybrid when I got my C-max last year. I kept wondering can I sleep in my car as I travel. I got out in my driveway and tried laying the back of my car and found my feet hanging a few inches out of the back end. As I was laying there my neighbor had to stop and stare at me. He was probably just making sure I was OK and had not fainted in the back of my car. It made me think a Prius V might have been a better option if this is my goal. It seems I was not the only person contemplating camping and traveling in a Prius V . I did discover that if I lean the front seat forward in my C-Max I can close the hatch and stretch out a little better. So if the RV dream proves to be too expensive, I have some options. Although, I need a daily shower and a toilet at night (as I age, I found this is really important) so this might be a little more minimalist than I can handle.


In preparation for this type of lifestyle, I would have to try and get rid of all the stuff I have accumulated over the years. It may be time to downsize. This is a daunting task. What will I do with all my crafting stuff ?? I have never traveled light through life. Oh well this is a topic for another day.


I am sure I have several years of research ahead of me before I can make this dream a reality. Now to find the time for all this travel. Isn’t that always the conundrum time and money. As always, I put it out into the universe and see where the dream takes me. Dreams are free and take very little time.


Any suggestions ?


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