Stained Glass


One of the most empowering, time consuming and quite often expensive thingsĀ I say to myself is ” I can do that” or “I can make that” or any of the endless ways I have of saying to myself I am capable.

I never felt like I was particularly creative and art class was one of my least favorite classes as a small child. The things I made never looked good to me. My drawings looked like potatoes and my crafts were marginal at best. My mother cherished them but even as a child I was critical of my creations. I moved onto things I felt I would be successful doing. I think I missed out on years of fun.

What started me on this path of creativity and creation was my desire to own things I could not afford. I wanted a beautiful stained glass window. A stained glass window was too expensive , so I said to myself maybe I can make one. There was a class in my area at a local stained glass shop. I walked in and signed up and I signed up my best friend too. I didn’t want to start on this journey alone and I was sure if I would enjoy it my best friend would as well. What can I say 10 years later, I am still making windows for family and friends and occasionally for myself but I have run out of windows in my house where I can hang them and although my best friend still loves me, she no longer wants to make windows. I will be forever grateful that she started out with me on this journey and helped me get started. One caveat, for all of you out there that are starting down this path of creation, it can cost a lot. The class seemed less expensive than a window, but after all was said and done, it would have been less expensive to just buy a window, after all the tools , glass and necessary bits and pieces were bought, but where would be the fun in that.

Now I have many windows and so do my friends and family, I can only hope they like my creations. I still have a nagging little voice that says that my works of art are not really that at all. But I can’t help but feel proud when I see them hung up in my windows and and even bigger feeling of pride when I see them in someone else’s window and I think they like my work enough to display it.

my first stained glass panel

First Project

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