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I can spend hours on mindless computer games. I just love them. They allow me to do something while I am doing nothing. Computer games have been a part of my life since Pong. Any of you remember pong ?


I borrowed this picture from wikipedia. One of my best friends Suzi got me this for my birthday. I spent hours playing it. I would even set it up so the paddles would endlessly bat those 4 pixels back and forth while I ate dinner, being an only child I learned to play by myself . I would then return to it and resume play.

This was followed by Atari, ColecoVision and the wonderful Nintendo . Oh the hours spent playing Mario brothers and Zelda. College came along and interrupted my gameplay.

I was able to resume years later when I discovered PC games. I love MMORPG’s now. My love of video games has not diminished over the years. I know I am not alone. I play Everquest 2  . I am in a guild, a group of players that set out on missions together to destroy mythical creatures and adventure through dungeons. Who doesn’t want to be a hero ? My guild is filled with boomers, some younger and some older. There is drama at times but cooler heads prevail most of the time. I love playing with people from all over the world. We have people from across the globe and I have gotten to talk to them and learn about them. I absolutely love that. It is a fantasy world where I can heal people that have died and kill monsters that are bigger and stronger than me. I can design my home and make it whatever I want it to be. I can fly or be invisible. I just love games, they allow me to do all the things I dreamed about when I was a child and lived in books like that.

The game world is truly an international community and it is open to people of all ages. I work in geriatrics ( I fit right in ) and there are quite a few that are on Facebook and some are even playing the games you find on Facebook. I know my mother likes Bejeweled and Word Scramble. How many of us out there loved Farmville ?

Now armed with Ipads and Iphones , I search through Apps, and have found a few games there that I to love play for hours. I enjoy searching through the apps and trying new ones out. I love facetime too! What a great way to stay in touch with my scattered family.

I have been guilty of playing games when I should be cleaning the house or doing some other so-called productive activity. I can’t even watch TV without my Iphone OR Ipad in front me playing any one of the endless number of jewel type games or surfing the net or shopping for the perfect thing that I never knew I needed.

Now that is something that is dangerous for me. When my shopping was confined to stores, I was much better at saving money . Shopping from my desktop in the other room was not too bad either, It required that I go into the other room and sit there and miss whatever wonderful thing I was in the middle of watching on TV (pre-DVR of course, now I can just hit pause). But now with my handy Ipad, I can shop from anywhere in the house whenever the notion hits me and I have.

I get creative notions all the time and I pick up my handy dandy Ipad and boom , those beads are bought or that song or that pretty rock are on their way to my home. I need to put some time time and motion between me and the purchase of all the random things that pop into my head. I think I have to make shopping from my Ipad tabu.

I think it was better when I was wasting my time with online games ! Hmmm, I think have a dragon to slay. Talk to you all later ..

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